On the Road Again: Retiree Travel Plans

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Ask someone their number one goal in retirement and invariably it will be travel; see the world, go on that adventure you never had time for…live the dream. But, is that true for everyone?

A recent report came out from AARP on what exactly motivates retirees to travel, and the findings are interesting. As you read this, reflect on what motivates you.

  • Baby Boomers expect to take four or five leisure trips next year, spending almost $6,400 on travel expenses―the same or more than they spent in 2017.
  • 49% of Baby Boomers say they travel to relax and rejuvenate (up from 38% in 2017), while 47% are looking for a getaway from everyday life (up from 39%).
  • About half of retirees only expect to travel domestically, and those traveling internationally mostly choose Latin America/Caribbean or Europe. The domestic travel will be done primarily by plane (66%) or car (60%).
  • AirBnB doesn’t seem to be a popular choice since 62% of people plan to stay in a hotel or motel instead of renting a room. However, cruise ship rooms come in second (with 1/3 of international travel being on a cruise).
  • Finally, about 57% of Boomers travel to spend time with family and friends, the same amount as last year.

Does this list represent you? If not, what motivates you to travel?

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