Retirement brings big life changes, especially in schedule and income. Retirees often face:

  • A feeling of uselessness,
  • Struggles with income,
  • Lack of human interaction.
  • And of course, boredom.

In order to battle all of the above, and make some extra money to spare, retirees can try some of the easy ways below to make extra money during their retirement.

1. Become a Consultant

You worked for quite some time, and most likely, you were pretty good at what you did. So good in fact, that people would likely want to hire you for your expertise. Depending on your industry, you may want to consider working freelance as a consultant in your industry to earn some extra money. The best way to get started is by leveraging your existing connections.

Some helpful tips:

  • Set a rate which is commensurate with your experience.
  • Don’t over commit to hours you don’t want to complete.
  • Only take on projects you’re truly passionate about — after all, you worked your whole life, now it’s time to have some fun!
  • Don’t give up too soon, you may not find an interested party right away. Put your feelers out there, and be patient.

2. Leverage Old Connections

Networking. Even after retirement, it’s an invaluable skill. After working for 40 plus years, you likely encountered plenty of professionals you would feel comfortable reaching out to. Pinging some of your more well-connected connections and seeing if they have any potential “freelance” opportunities for you could create some excellent opportunities. Even if the opportunities are just helping out at an event, giving feedback on a project, or conducting some interviews.

Some helpful tips:

  • Make sure you know what you can handle before you reach out to too many contacts. You don’t want to over extend yourself.
  • Make sure you are clear that you’re looking for paid opportunities.
  • Leverage your LinkedIn profile and connections. LinkedIn can be a great place to get started.

3. Try Uber/Lyft

Do you love driving? You may want to start looking into ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft. Both services are incredibly easy to join and allow you to start making money almost immediately. In addition to being a money maker, these ride services also allow you to meet all sorts of new people. Many drivers actually drive for both Lyft and Uber simultaneously doubling their opportunities to pick up passengers. This is relatively easy to do and can allow you to maximize the riders you get.

Some helpful tips:

  • Make sure you know the area you’re driving in well. Of course, you can use a GPS device. However, to keep your customers happy, you want to avoid getting lost.
  • Keep your car clean. A clean car increases your chances of a 5-star review from your passengers. Also, no one likes to be amongst a stranger’s junk!
  • Be pleasant! It’s hard to drive around strangers if you’re not excited about it. Try to only drive when you’re in a good mood.

4. Write Some Articles

As a retiree, you have had year after year of experience. Whether your experience was in many fields, or one in particular, you likely have a story to share. Do some research on your industry and look into paid writing opportunities. There are plenty out there, especially in industries like technology, finance, and engineering. If you enjoy writing, you could become a regular columnist on a paid site.

Some helpful tips:

  • Search for websites who offer payment for writing. Here is one example: Earn Money Online: 92 Websites That Pay Writers $50+.
  • Have someone proofread your work. Nothing is worse than submitting and article with significant grammar errors. Not only with it ruin your credibility, it may ruin your chances at another paid gig!

5. Get Outside!

As a retiree, you now have the luxury of doing what you love. If the thought of getting out and mowing the lawn excites you, you may want to start trying to mow other’s lawns. If you have a green thumb, you may be able to find neighbors in need of some gardening. Have you always been good with a hammer, or perhaps an expert at knitting? If you’ve lived in the same place for some time, you should be able to easily drum up some pay customers.

Some helpful tips:

  • Make flyers, or start knocking on doors to see if there’s anything you can do to lend a hand for a few extra bucks.
  • Scan Craigslist or any local boards for potential opportunities.

Retirement should be a relaxing time for you to further explore your interests. However, if you can explore your interests while making money — that’s even better. If you don’t find something you love above, you can always try Micro Jobs for something easy and quick!

This article was original posted on Kalen Bruce’s Money Mini Blog.